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Swinton Pupils Sweet Piece: Sweet Peice Pupils Retailers Cllrs

Swinton Pupils Sweet Piece

Year 5 and 6 pupils of Swinton Queens Primary School created a work of art inspired by Whistle Stop Sweet Shop and Temperance Bar.

Year 5 and 6 pupils of Swinton Queens Primary School recently visited Rotherham town centre to take a look at their fantastic artwork, the latest edition to the Gallery Town project, which was inspired by the town’s very own Whistle Stop Sweet Shop and Temperance Bar.

They were joined by Councillors Lakin and Doyle and building owner Chris Hamby.

Whilst in the town centre the children stopped off for a refreshing drink in the Temperance Bar and viewed a further piece of their artwork on display inside the shop.

Shop Owner Kara said “To have the pupils of Swinton Queen Primary School take such an interest in the 'Arts'  and to have their work displayed in the town centre was a joy to see. The children were so proud to see their hard work unveiled, and so excited that it was to be on display for all the town centre shoppers to see.

This is truly inspirational,  and shows children of all schools and age groups, that if they apply themselves and work hard anything is possible.  It also sends a clear message to the children of Rotherham, and their families, that this is their town, and their community.  Thank you for allowing Tony and myself to be part of a wonderful Gallery Town project.”

The piece will be on display opposite the Sweet Shop at the rear of the Hamby’s Store for upto 12 months as part of the innovative Gallery Town Open Air Art Gallery.

The piece is included in the new art trail which has been produced to guide visitors around the town, pointing out the location and details of the art.  The trail is available from various locations including libraries, tourist information, retailers etc.,

More pictures of the launch event can be found on the visit the Gallery Town Facebook page. Find out more about the Whistle Stop Sweet Shop on Facebook