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Mayor opens a romantic door to Gallery Town: Mayor and Mayoress launch Gallery Town Spring 2013

Mayor opens a romantic door to Gallery Town

The Mayor and Mayoress were among the first residents of Rotherham to add their artwork to a 'homage' of artwork by photographer Paul Schatzberger.

His large scale photograph entitled 'Lover's Graffitti' is of a door in Verona, near 'Juliet's House' of Romeo and Juliet fame. Paul said "It's a romantic spot where countless people inscribe their names for the sake of love"

Young people from Swinton Lock Activity Centre supported by artist Jamie Jones began creating new doors on the same site at the junction of Hollowgate and Wellgate, and residents of Rotherham are invited to add their hearts and declarations of love. Mayor and Mayoress Dave and Sue Pickering were first to add their 'tag' line.

The event was to launch the installation of 30 new pieces of artwork to Gallery Town.

More images of the event can be found on the Gallery Town facebook page