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Samuel Hieronymus Grimm

Date of Birth: 18/1/1794

An 18th century Swiss topographical artist born 1733 at Burgdorf in Switzerland. He was orphaned at the age of 16 on the death of his father but showed early talent as a painter and a poet and in the 1750s became a pupil of Johann L. Aberli in Berne. In 1758 he produced his first known professional work of views of glaciers in the Bernese Oberland and he published his poems in 1762. He moved to Paris in 1765 and then in Ferbruary 1768 to London where he stayed for the rest of his life. He spent 25 years producing over 3,500 drawings and watercolours of landscapes, historical buildings and artefacts throughout England. Grimm's speciality was recording historical events in the kind of detail that might otherwise have gone unreported. For example, the British Library credits him with producing the only surviving scene of the coronation of Edward VI.

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Samuel Hieronymus Grimm