The Art and Where to Find It

The Beach at Trouville

Artist: Claude Monet

Year: 1870

Location: Stafforce, Percy Street. The original is on display at The National Gallery, London.

An oil on canvas painted in the open air on the beach at Trouville in Normandy. It is one of five beach scenes produced by Monet in the summer of 1870, which may have been preparatory sketches for a larger painting. Camille, Monet's first wife, is believed to be the woman on the left. Her companion is thought to be the wife of Monet's fellow painter Eugne Boudin. It is thought to have been painted to capture his honeymoon taken whilst on their way to London to escape the Franco-Prussian war. A classic Impressionist painting, The National Gallery (where you can see the original) states that "the picture was evidently painted on the beach and not in a studio. Grains of sand and shell have got mixed up in the oil paint. The immediacy of the painting is also evident in the thick white paint representing the light falling on Camille's skirt, and the shadow falling across her face." Claude-Oscar Monet, The Beach at Trouville Copyright The National Gallery, London.