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The Gare St-Lazare

Artist: Claude Monet

Year: 1877

Location: Former Alexon, Bridgegate. The original is on display at The National Gallery, London.

An oil painting showing the arrival of the Normandy train at The Gare St-Lazare, a large terminus train station in Paris. This painting is one of four surviving canvases representing the interior of the station. Monet rented a flat nearby and produced eleven paintings using various subjects and techniques to capture the steam and smoke-filled platforms. He exhibited seven canvases of the railway station in the third Impressionist exhibition in 1877. Although Impressionistic, the paintings accurately represented the subject and marked the first time the painter produced a series of pictures of one subject. The National Gallery (where the original is on display) state that Monet's exceptional views of the Gare St-Lazare resemble interior landscapes, with smoke from the engines creating the same effect as clouds in the sky. Swift brushstrokes indicate the gleaming engines to the right and the crowd of passengers on the platform. Claude Monet, The Gare St-Lazare Copyright The National Gallery, London.